Feel supported and confident as you enter the world as a new parent with my transformational packages. I’ll walk alongside you and support you so, you can achieve your dreams of being a confident and healthy mum and feel the love and support all new parents need.


Each month I offer free one hour workshops in Sydney for expectant parents to learn about how they can prepare for a peaceful (and rejuvenating) postpartum period.

In addition to the free workshops, I offer a two day workshops where you can dive in deep and walk away with a map and a bag full of tools to navigate the biggest transformation your life.

At my workshops you’ll discover simple, practical ways to get the support, confidence, health and love that all new mums and parents need. 

As part of the Newborn Mothers Collective, I am committed ensuring all new mums and parents are empowered with the tools and knowledge, so they can feel supported and confident in this new chapter of their life. In my workshops I’ll share with you the secrets I learnt when I became a mother (and that no one ever talked about!) 

Home Visits

I’ll visit you in your home during the first twelve weeks. I’ll cook for you, run you a rose petal bath, creating for you an in-home spa experience and help you connect with your needs.

Home visits are flexible and will be tailored to your needs on the day. Most mothers choose to use each home visit for a rose petal bath, meal and a chat. 

The in-home spa experience is about 30 - 45 mins long (to fit around your baby's sleep.) If you don’t have a bath (or your baby is unable to settle without you), I can create the in-home spa experience with a beautiful foot bath.

Each visit will vary based on your needs of the day but may include: a rose petal bath – an in-home spa experience, meal preparation, baby massage instruction, support for physical and emotional recovery from birth, strategies for coping with sleeplessness, emotional support as you adjust to your new role (including partners, siblings and grandparents), breastfeeding or bottle-feeding support, managing visitors (including family), understanding the unique personality of your baby, and building confidence in your parenting style and skills.  

Group Support

You’ll be able to meet with our online mothers group weekly where you will find connection, support and friendship. We’ll also do regular meet ups around Sydney. The fathers and partners will also have the opportunity to meet with a supported group and we also have regular picnics throughout the year for all the families to come together. 

The group support element allows you to meet like-minded families in safe spaces. You’ll have the opportunity to connect to your needs, and the ever-changing needs of your baby, and find a beautiful balance so you can truly enjoy being the mum and dad you want to be. 

Group support continues until your baby turns one, but you’ll continue to be invited to our family picnics so you can stay in touch. 

Rates and Packages

Packages are an investment in you, your baby and your family’s future. Each package is custom created on consultation.

Packages range from range from $800 - $4,000

one off visits: $400 (3-hours)

** $60 travel fee will be applied to each visit for distances travel more than 15kms from the Sydney CBD

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