Maternity Wear – where to start?!

I was inspired to put this list together for my Pilates instructor Mimi. So many places, so much to wear. It is fun trying new styles but it can also be a mind field.

Here are my top 4 places for decking out a maternity wardrobe:

(Hot tip -  a lot of what you buy now will be able to take you well beyond 6 weeks postpartum) 

Queen Bee

This place is great, they are Sydney based and they express post so you’ll have your order within a couple of days of ordering (which can be a blessing when you’ve had a growth spurt overnight.)


Good quality support and exercise wear was hard to find when I first got pregnant, and I only found this well after my second was born. But so how I wish I had found it earlier.

Legoe Heritage

Another one I wish I’d found when pregnant… I found it really hard to find stuff I identified with and still made me feel good. This stuff looks super comfy while being stylish enough to get out of the house in and into the office



I love this brand and was so excited when I saw they do prenatal and postpartum wear!


Photo by Olliss on Unsplash