The Mothers Circle is year long facilitated program where you can embrace the transformation and change you are undergoing in an environment where you will find connection, support and friendship

It allows you to meet like-minded families in safe spaces. You’ll have the opportunity to connect to your needs, the ever-changing needs of your baby, and find a beautiful balance so you can truly enjoy being the mum you want to be.

The Mothers Circle package includes

  • 1 x personal one hour antenatal Skype/Zoom session in the last weeks before birth
  • 2 x personal one hour Skype/Zoom sessions in the first 12 weeks after birth
  • a gift pack valued at $80
  • Fortnightly online meet ups*
  • 12 x monthly meet ups with lunch and tea provided*
  • Family picnics*
  • Special events*
  • unlimited email support

*Meet ups (online and in real life) are on Wednesdays. Family picnics will occur on weekends, so partners and other family members can attend, and other special events are advised as arranged.

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100 % Satisfaction Guarantee 

I’m committed to making sure that if your new family is investing your hard-earned money, you are getting amazing results from our work together. I want my clients to know that our work together is risk free. 

The results I’m talking about are for you, not your baby. However, when you feel confident and supported, you and your baby will enjoy the best of each other. I want you to feel the confidence, support, health and love I did when I discovered the Newborn Mothers approach to postpartum care. And not feel so exhausted and overwhelmed by it all. 

I won’t and can’t promise to change your life for you. I will work with you in creating healthy new behaviours and turning them into reliable and consistent habits. And it is your hard work that makes achieving your vision inevitable. 

The Mothers Circle package comes with a 14-day 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.